Oaxaca, Mexico—Oklahoma filmmaker, Eric Kuritz will be debuting his short film, IAPETUS, in the New Industry section of the Oaxaca Film Festival October 4 through 10, 2019. Eric has been working in film and video in Oklahoma for over five years, mostly as a cinematographer and gaffer. Luke Wittmann, another Oklahoma filmmaker, who serves as co-producer and director of photography on IAPETUS will also be in attendance. Oaxaca Film Festival has been named as one of the best festivals on the globe by MovieMaker Magazine and has close collaborative ties with the Sundance Film Festival. This event will mark the World Premiere for the film on the festival circuit.

IAPETUS tells the story of an eight-year-old girl with an imaginary friend. They do everything together, from playing catch to watching cartoons. One night ,Tommy’s mother gets called into work, leaving Tommy home alone. Mysterious noises keep Tommy awake. Her imaginary friend looks around the home for the source—is it coming from outside—or is someone in the house with them? While the story may seem familiar, it’s not what it appears on the surface. Eric, the writer and director of the film says this:

“…beneath a common child’s fear of being alone in the dark lies something entirely else. There are hints to this, from the color of the font (teal) to things in the background. This short film draws from elements of my childhood. It was also one of the first steps towards confronting this traumatic experience.”

Kuritz hopes this film will open up more discussions about childhood traumas. For him, film is his medium for exploring his emotions and helps him to find ways to heal. He hopes to grapple with the subject in a longer format, and has been working on a feature length script drawn from the short version. At Oaxaca Film Festival, both Eric and Luke will have the opportunity to pitch several feature film scripts to members of the film industry in attendance, one of which will be the feature IAPETUS. This is a fantastic opportunity for two local Oklahomans, as the New Industry platform at Oaxaca Film Festival is there to serve emerging filmmakers through new programs such as their PitchFest and Roundtables. Members from HBO, Viacom, The Euro Channel and other international media companies are expected to be in attendance.

IAPETUS will screen at the Oaxaca Film Festival on October 8, 2019 at 12:20 p.m. at the Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca.  

The Oaxaca Film Festival started in 2010 and is an eight-day international film festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. Half of the festival is for screening films, and the other half gives filmmakers a chance to attend workshops, brainstorm and network. This year’s festival will take place Oct. 4-10. 

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